Winter Pet Safety

It’s SUPER COLD OUT (official term). We’ve got some winter safety tips to share, and this post from last year is an excellent reference as well!

Keep warm (both of you!) Let’s be honest. No one looks forward to having to head back outside with their dog into freezing temperatures and a chilling wind after getting home from work. Your dog still needs that exercise though, so while it’s okay to cut walks shorter, set aside some time to think about how to make those walks bearable for you! Invest in hand warmers, a good pair of gloves, a warm hat, and scarf. If you’re adequately prepared for the weather, it’s one less thing keeping you from spending that time with your dog. Pro tip: open a handful of poop bags before leaving the house, so they’re ready to go- no one wants to spend extra seconds trying to get a bag open with shivering hands!!

Be seen! With night falling by 5 pm, chances are at least one of your dog’s walks now occurs in total darkness. Attaching a light like this one to your dog’s collar can make a huge difference in visibility for those around you. You can go a step further and pick up a reflective vest for your dog as well!

Keep busy! Even if your dog comes to daycare or gets daily walks, they’re likely not getting as much exercise as we tend to give our pets in the warmer months when many of our activities included hikes and outings they could come along. Giving them a puzzle to work on is a great way to supplement their lower activity level in the winter!