How To: Tips to Have your Dog Board like a Pro

The email you’ve been hoping for all day- your dog’s boarding stay at District Dogs is approved!

Now what?

Don’t be a stranger!
If your dog’s first boarding stay is coming up, especially if it’s for more than a night or two, we strongly recommend bringing your dog for daycare a handful of times leading up to their stay. This helps your dog learn that daycare is a fun and safe place, get familiar with the staff and ensure that when the time for boarding drop off comes, they’ll run into the playroom without a second look back! Boarding dogs who haven’t visited since their evaluation are much more likely to experience anxiety, a disrupted appetite, and behavior issues.

Make sure your account is up to date!
During your dog’s stay, we’ll go by the information you have entered into the Feeding Notes and Medication sections of your dog’s account, so be sure to check that all of it is correct! If we have any questions, we’ll touch base with you at check-in.

Pack light!
Leave the toys, treats, blankets, and beds behind! All your pup needs are their leash, a collar (preferably nylon, no leather or anything you wouldn’t want to be damaged!), and their food. Want to get bonus points? We so appreciate your dog’s meals packed in pre-portioned bags- less time spent measuring and scooping, and more time eating!

Follow along!
We’re dog owners too, and we know how hard it is to leave our best friends. This is why we provide access to our playroom webcam from 9 am to 7 pm every day, send a report card (with pictures!) each night of their stay, and maintain an active social media presence! Check @districtdog on Instagram every day for new posts and stories, and you might see your pup featured!