Daycare and Boarding FAQ

For convenience, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions and their answers. If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by phone or email!

The enrollment process helps create a safe play environment for all of our dogs.  First, an online account is created that includes all relevant information and vaccination records.

Once the online account has been created, owners can schedule an evaluation time. The evaluation is a complimentary two-hour play period that provides an opportunity for us to see how your pup interacts and plays with other dogs.

After the evaluation, your dog will need to complete a full day of daycare before any boarding stay.  This can be directly after the complimentary 2-hour evaluation.  This ensures that your dog gets to know the routine of District Dogs and our staff can get to know your pup!

Evaluations and boarding require reservations. Daycare reservations are highly encouraged but we are usually able to accept walk-in daycare clients, but you may want to call ahead to confirm that we have space that day.

In order to keep the playroom calm, only daycare staff are allowed back at our Georgia Ave facility.  But our front desk staff is more than happy to show you the facility through the windows, show you facility photos and show you how you can access the live playroom webcam from your account.

Our Navy Yard facility is able to do tours throughout the day but please let us know in advance if possible!

We require proof of up-to-date rabies, bordetella, and distemper vaccines. You can upload documents from your vet through your account or bring them to your 2-hour evaluation.

Dogs must be 4 months old.

All dogs over the age of six months must be spayed or neutered.

We require an evaluation for all new clients before accepting any reservations so we have a chance to meet your dog and see how they do in our daycare environment. During the 2-hour evaluation, we are looking for several things.

  • How does your dog interact with dogs and staff
  • If your dog seem anxious entering and leaving
  • If your dog knows and responds to basic commands
  • Does your dog “come” when called?
  • If your dog shows signs of aggression
  • Does your dog understand dog social cues?

If the evaluation goes well, you may extend your dog’s stay to a full day of daycare if you choose to.

We understand that dogs coming to stay with us from outside the DC area may not be able to come for an evaluation. If your dog has previously stayed with a daycare or boarding facility, we can accept a reference from them in place of the evaluation!

7 am to 9 pm on weekdays and 9 am to  7 pm on weekends!

A full day of daycare can span the entirety of our operating hours on a given day, and a half day is for a period of up to 5 hours.

We provide the bed, blankets, and toys; you just need to provide the dog! Please don’t bring any bedding or toys from home. If you’re bringing your dog’s food from home, please have it in a labeled container with enough portions for their stay.

Two weeks notice is best so that we can make sure we have the overnight staff scheduled- but we understand things can come up at the last minute. Give us a call if it’s late notice and we’ll do our best to make it work.

Facility provided food is $2 per meal. You are welcome to bring your dog’s food from home. We have a fridge to store wet food as well.

Dogs will be dogs. While it is rare, scratches and light marks from playing will happen every now and then. Our staff is well trained in judging when to break up play before it becomes too rough. We have an on-site Dog First Aid kit that we use to address any wounds, and it is mandatory that all scratches, no matter how big or small, are reported to the owner before the dog goes home.

Our webcams are placed where it can offer the biggest viewing area of the playroom but do not cover all of our play areas. If you can’t see your dog, it doesn’t mean they’re in time out or has been separated- they may be chilling outside camera view!

Some work computers block external video like our webcam, and certain mobile devices aren’t compatible with our webcam services.

If your dog is sick, please do not bring them to daycare. If we notice irregular stool or other signs of sickness, your dog will be separated immediately, and depending on the severity, the owner will be called so the dog can be picked up. Since we are an open-air boarding facility, we cannot keep your dog isolated in a kennel during their time here and for the safety of the other dogs, we cannot allow sick dogs to come to daycare.

Our facilities are completely indoors. If you wish, you can add a walk outside around the neighborhood!

We provide clean drinking water to all dogs throughout the day, but an active pup may still be thirsty after their time at daycare (you should encourage them to drink a little at a time to prevent vomiting).

You will be contacted immediately while our staff cares for your dog.  Several members of our staff are certified in pet first aid, so your dog will be in good hands until you’re able to pick them up. If you are unable to pick them up and your dog needs immediate medical attention, our staff may need to transport the dog to a veterinarian.

There is a cancellation fee of $10 for a daycare reservation that results in a no-show. There will be a non-refundable deposit in the amount of 50% of the reservation for boarding cancellations over holiday periods.

We do have limited grooming availability for non-clients. Please call ahead to see if we can accommodate you.

Yes! Please bring in your dog’s lunch in labeled bag or container.

We try to get as many pictures as we can each day, based on how many pups we can catch sitting still! Feel free to let us know if a picture is really important to you- we’ll absolutely do our best to get one.

You can purchase a package through your online client portal or let our front desk staff know at drop off or pick up and they’ll add one to your account!

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