Daycare and Boarding

District Dogs provides an enjoyable and fun experience for your dog. Dogs will enjoy friendly playtime with their canine pals, including occasional cooldown sessions. All dogs are supervised, morning, day and night, as we reinforce basic training and good manners.

We offer two size playrooms for small and large dogs. Senior dogs that need a more relaxed environment may join their small dog companions. We also have a private feeding room and grooming room.

Other features include:

  • Daily report cards with photos detailing your dogs day
  • Live HD webcam in our play areas
  • Kuranda® beds and fleece blankets for sleeping
  • Easy scheduling and simple pricing!

Please check out our FAQ for more details.

Georgia Ave. Facility

1221 Van St. Facility (Coming Soon)

Boarding Rates

  • Open Air Boarding – $55 (per night up to 24 hours)
  • Last Day Daycare Fee After Last 24 Hour Period:
    • $22 (< 5 hours)
    • $34 (> 5 hours)
  • Deposit – 50% of total cost during peak times (non-refundable after seven days prior)

Daycare Rates

  • Full Day Dog Daycare – $34
  • Half Day Dog Daycare (< 5hrs) – $22
  • 5 Full Day Package – $160 ($32 a day)
  • 10 Full Day Package – $300 ($30 a day)
  • 20 Full Day Package – $560 ($28 a day)


The enrollment process helps create a safe play environment for all of our dogs.  First, an online account is created that includes all relevant information.

Once the online account has been created, owners can schedule an evaluation time. The evaluation is a complimentary two-hour play period that provides an opportunity for us to see how your pup interacts and plays with other dogs.

After the evaluation, your dog will need to complete a full day of daycare before any boarding stay.  This can be directly after the complimentary 2-hour evaluation.  This ensures that your dog gets to know the routine of District Dogs and our staff can get to know your pup!